Undead Rising

Calibration is a time of old magic, older than the gods. During one week of the year, each plane empties onto the Prime Plane as the Astral Sea, Elemental Chaos, Shadowfell, and Feywild are cleansed. But when normalcy returns, how normal is it?

Nothing dies. The cycle of life has been broken. Where is the Raven Queen? Has she abandoned us all?

Undead Rising is an epic-level game for characters level 21-30. These include:

Lorne, a barbarian in service of the Raven Queen with a loathing for Kord
Trius the Betrayer, a once-Fallen deva/angel paladin of Pelor
Thief, a changeling warlock whose machinations have made him one of the True Fae
Dorethau, a tiefling warlord whose people have been displaced by the undead hordes
Yitcech, a swarm druid dedicated to devouring rot and corruption

Undead Rising

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