Undead Rising


Growth gone wild


An invitation to a select gathering of the True Fae, and Thief is invited! It’s probably a trap. Meanwhile, the spirits whisper to Yitcech that something is terribly wrong… there’s too much… but what does that mean?

Into the Feywild

Thief approaches each member of the party individually, beginning with Trius. He explains that he has received this invitation to a party. Well, really more of a glory-hogging session. See, when the True Fae meet, it’s a time to sit down, relax, and have your underlings promote your amazing talents to the other True Fae. So he needs underlings. In name only, of course.

The team agrees and they set forth into the Feywild. Yitcech, ever in communication with spirits, is told that something is wrong. “Too much,” the spirits tell him. “There’s too many, too much.” They aren’t able to give him a more coherent answer than that. Even so, something is wrong that needs to be fixed.

Thief, not being the sort to have a stable home address, went to the Myconid people in the deep woods to request their assistance in creating a temporary home. Lorne was incredibly disturbed by this, and chose not to enter the spongy, mushroomy “home” that was built, instead standing sentinel with Trius.

As the others slept, Trius noticed a creature stealing into the home, and silently followed it to the window. It sat on the windowsill, a counterpart sitting in the far windowsill as well.

And their leader, a beautiful eladrin girl, sitting fully on Thief’s chest. “Good morning,” the eldest of The Hags said.

“Hello,” said Thief, shifting to a more sexy pose. The Hag returned to her normal form. To his credit, Thief did nothing. For this reason, she gave him the warning.

“They’ve given you the wrong date,” she tells him.

To be continued



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